How We Use Results

Each academic year the NREM Outcomes Assessment Committee provides an overview of assessment results for each undergraduate program (Animal Ecology and Forestry) based on the information provided by individual instructors.  This information is presented in a faculty meeting in late spring of each academic year, and is the basis of whole-faculty evaluation and discussion of student skill levels and needed adjustments in courses/curricula to improve student learning and performance, as well as faculty feedback on specific facets of the outcome and the rubric used to assess it.  A benchmark of 80% of students scoring in the competent or exemplary categories is used to determine needed changes.  If student performance is below this benchmark, faculty participants generate specific ideas to improve student skills and are responsible for implementing changes as appropriate in courses they lead.  NREM Outcomes Assessment Committee members assemble feedback on the rubrics to incorporate changes for use in future assessments. 

Results of the current-year assessment and feedback from instructors who implemented changes based on the previous years’ assessment are included in a detailed annual report provided to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for further review and discussion by the College Student Outcomes Assessment Committee and the College Curriculum Committee.