NREM Learning Communities

What are Learning Communities

Learning communities are intended to provide positive social settings while helping students to build study skills, improve time management, develop professionalism applicable to future employment, and create a strong sense of belonging within the NREM department and Iowa State University. This is accomplished through:

  • Clustered courses
  • Professional speakers
  • Peer mentors
  • Fun educational experiences
  • Opportunities to get to know professors and classmates
  • Professional development opportunities

NREM offers two learning communities for Animal Ecology and Forestry students:

  • NREM First-year Learning Community for students starting directly from high school
  • NREM Transitions Learning Community for continuing and transferring students

NREM 1110

Students will earn 1-credit by taking NREM 1110. This courses meets once weekly to discuss other classes that students are taking, plan events, host speakers of interest, and do an overall check-in with peer mentors and the coordinator. There are a variety of optional field trips and community service projects offered outside of this meeting time as well.

Willow Hall

The NREM First-year Learning Community is a residential-based program that requires students to live on the fourth floor of Willow Hall. This gives students a greater sense of community that helps to develop close friendships and academic and professional networks. Living with other students in the same area of study allows the opportunity for study groups and academic support.

Joining the NREM Learning Community is a great way to meet people and make friends. My favorite memory from the NREM Learning Community is the trip we took to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.
- Mica

How to Join a Learning Community

First-Year Learning Community students at the Omaha Zoo

First-year Learning Community

1. Accept your Offer of admission -declare an Animal Ecology or Forestry Major

2. Complete your housing contract:

     Choose Willow Hall as your preferred housing option

     Choose the NREM Learning Community

3. Attend orientation (registration) in June

Transitions Learning Community Students with some gorilla statues

Transitions Learning Community

1. Accept your Offer of admission 

2. Declare an Animal Ecology or Forestry Major

3. Attend orientation (registration) in June

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