Outcomes Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Department of NREM uses the following definition to guide our Student Learning Outcomes Assessment program:Image of three photographs of people learning about the environment

“Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences; the process culminates when assessment results are used to improve subsequent learning.”  p. 8, M. Huba and J. Freed, (2000). Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses: Shifting the Focus from Teaching to Learning.  Boston:  Allyn and Bacon.

Use of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment to Pursue our Mission and Vision for Undergraduate Education in NREM

The Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management is dedicated to the understanding, effective management, and sustainable use of our renewable natural resources through the Land Grant missions of teaching, research, and extension. NREM’s disciplinary focus is broad in scope, and we serve society through working with undergraduate and graduate students, state and federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and the public. The vision that drives NREM includes providing a student- and learning-centered environment for instruction and advising, and producing graduates widely considered top-quality professionals who are competent, capable, collaborative, dependable, and disciplined.  A structured program for regular assessment of student learning is necessary to ensure that students develop the skills and abilities to be successful and to guide ongoing curriculum development and improvement in NREM.