Health and Wellbeing


According to Iowa State University's Student Counseling Services, "only 40% of students who need support actually seek mental health services."

Keeping up with grades is important, but not as important as keeping up with your health and wellbeing. As an Iowa State University student, there are many resources available to you. Some reasons to seek services may include:

  • Academic difficulties
  • Financial stability
  • Life transitions 
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • Legal matters
  • Physical and mental Illness 
  • Relationship concerns

College can be stressful, and it is okay to ask for help. No matter your reasoning, it is crucial to put yourself first. A student should not have to stress about their living conditions, mental illness, or personal troubles getting in the way of them graduating college. Additionally, maintaining your physical, social, and mental health is key to doing well in school and life after college.


Student Assistance

If you are unsure who to talk to, but need a place to start, Student Assistance may be the way to go. Student assistance gives direction to multiple situations such as medical emergencies, unexpected events, academic responsibilities, and family concerns. Their goal is to assist students with overcoming challenges and keep them on track to graduate.  

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Student Counseling Services

On top of the unexpected issues that might pop up outside of academics, you may have found that your mental health has also deteriorated since you started college. Fortunately, Iowa State University offers free counseling services through the Student Counseling Services office located on campus. Please do not hesitate to reach out to someone for help and schedule an appointment today.

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SHOP Food Pantry

The SHOP Food pantry is free and open to students in need of non-perishable food. It is located in Beyer Hall, room 1306 right across from the State gym. All items are donated and there is no limit to what is taken, so any student is welcomed to stop by during hours of operations.

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Thielen Health Center

Thielen Health Center is located right on campus. It is a full-service medical clinic staffed with physicians and registered nurses ready to listen and tend to student health care needs. With many advanced supplies found right in the facility, they are quick to analyze and treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. Since the center focuses mainly on students with busy lives, the Thielen Health Center makes it very convenient to schedule next day, and even same day appointments.  

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Ask a Nurse

There are other medical options that don’t even require you to leave the comfort of your own home. The Thielen Health Center has a registered nurse available during hours of operation. The nurse is free to call and there to answer any medical-related questions.  


Another option for Iowa State students, that is only a phone call away, would be First Nurse. Like the nurse available at Thielen Health Center, this nurse is trained to guide callers in the right direction when it comes to what to do and where to go in specific medical situations. Fortunately, this service is through Mary Greeley Medical Center and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  



National Crisis Hotline

Whether the crisis is a physical or mental emergency, the national crisis hotline is open to the general public and anyone who needs someone to talk to. The lifeline is free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day. The service answers emotional distress calls, but also give people the option to chat online. The person on the other is there to listen, understand, support, and get help if needed.  

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Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS)

Located in Ames, ACCESS is open to survivors of abuse and those in housing crisis. The service specifically tends to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and other violent crimes. ACCESS also provides counseling services, support groups, and a hotline to call for emotional support.  

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Emergency Residence Project

The Emergency Residence Project attempts to prevent homelessness by providing shelter with meals. The program is designed for short-term shelter, but also lists over 3,000 listings for transitional housing, residential drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs, supportive housing, and permanent affordable housing in the Ames area. This service is free of charge to apply for and they are always there to help people get back on their feet. The site also provides other additional, useful resources. 

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Financial Counseling Clinic and Student Financial Success

Financial well-being is important to consider while in college. Both the Office of Student Financial Success and the Financial Counseling Clinic are open as a financial resources to all Iowa State University students. Their mission is to minimize loan debt and help students manage their money better by budgeting and overseeing how they spend their money. Professionals and students seeking a degree in financial counseling and planning work with students one-on-one with the goal to improve their overall financial well-being.  

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Student Legal Services

Last, but not least, is student legal services. This service provides free and confidential legal advice to all full-time Iowa State University students. It gives students the opportunity to talk one-on-one with an attorney who decides if they should continue with a case or not. Student legal services are based out of Ames or Nevada and their services include, but are not limited to, civil rights and discrimination, criminal law, employment problems, immigration, landlord-tenant issues, victim assistance, and notary services.  

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