Transferring Courses

Are you attending another school and considering a transfer to Iowa State University? Are you in high school and want to know how your AP credits can be used? Or are you a current animal ecology student thinking about taking that organic chemistry class at a community or local college?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this page is for you! Explore what's here, but ultimately, we recommend you connect with one of our advisors before making final decisions.

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Transfer Plans

These plans list the courses at select community colleges that can be applied to specific requirements of the animal ecology and forestry majors. Don’t see the school you’re looking for here? Try using Transit!

Animal Ecology

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Community College Partnership Programs

ISU partners with Iowa community colleges to help students connect with resources and academic advisors at ISU, while still enrolled at their community colleges.

Learn About Partnership Programs


TRANSIT allows you to look up courses at other institutions worldwide, and see how they would transfer to Iowa State University.


  1. Create an account / Login
  2. Choose the correct information for the school and coursework
  3. Select "next" or "transfer evaluation"

If you're trying to find a school and class that will transfer to ISU as a specific course you need:

  1. Select the school you are considering
  2. Select a department you think the course might fall under (e.g. you might find environmental science under BIO or ENV)
  3. Browse the list of courses under the "course number" menu and choose any and all that sound like they might apply, enter hypothetical grades for each
  4. Select "transfer evaluation"
  5. Do any of them match with what you're looking for?



Credit by Exam

Did you receive credit after taking Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams?

See How These Credits Transfer

Note that Biology and Environmental Science AP credit comes in as BIOL 100 and ENV S 100, which are not the same numbers for the courses we require; however, these classes can still be used! We'll happily apply them towards our BIOL 212 (and lab) and NREM 120, respectively.



Where do transcripts need to be sent?

All transcripts must be official transcripts sent directly from the other institution’s administrative office to Iowa State University’s Admissions Office for evaluation. Transcripts can either be sent by mail or e-mail. Transcripts will not be accepted from a student or parent.

ISU Admissions Office Address

How many classes can be transferred?

Iowa State University can use up to 65 credits from another institution. If you have more than this, we will pick the most useful 65 credits.

Can career/technical credits be used? How many?

Iowa State University can use up to 16 credits labeled as CAREER/TECH coursework. We will review each course on a case-by-case basis to determine if it can be applied towards a requirement of your major. Having a syllabus for the course will help in making this determination.

What does the "T" mean within an ISU course number?

When you see a course that looks something like “BIOL 1T02”, that “T” indicates that ISU does not offer anything quite like what it is you transferred, and therefore gets its own designator. 

Can a course with a "T" in it be used?

Yes and No. We will review each of these courses on a case-by-case basis to determine if it can be applied towards a requirement of your major. Having a syllabus for the course will help in making this determination.

Are courses going to waste if they can't be applied towards the major?

No! Even if we determine that it doesn’t meet a requirement, most students may still need some number of free / miscellaneous electives to graduate and these extra courses can be used there.

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