The ISU Forestry Department merged with the Department of Animal Ecology in 2004 to form the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM). Both the Animal Ecology major and the Forestry major are alive and well in the NREM Department. Undergraduate enrollment in the department is one of the largest in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

Forestry Camp is one of the highlights of the forestry students’ academic experience. The Department of Forestry replaced the summer camp experience with a full semester of forestry courses in the sophomore year including a 3-week camp experience. The last summer camp and the first fall camp were held in 1993. The program that was designed to replace the summer camp involves 15 credits of forestry all taken during fall semester of the sophomore year. Courses included in the package are forest biology, forest measurements, forest products, and ecosystem decision making. In addition, each week there is a day-long laboratory that makes it possible to get into much more depth on forestry problems than is possible with the typical 2 or 3-hour labs associated with other courses. All of those courses take place for 12 weeks during the fall semester, and during the other three weeks, students attend forestry camp. Since the sophomore series began, camps have been held in North Carolina, Wyoming, Montana, Alabama, Missouri, Minnesota, and Michigan.