Forestry Camp

Forestry Camp


What is Forestry Camp?

Forestry Camp is one of the highlights of the forestry students’ academic experience. During a fallA mountain goat in the forest semester, students take 15 credits of sophomore-level forestry coursework by enrolling in 6 specific classes (FOR 201-206). Included in the package are topics in forest biology, forest measurements, forest products, and ecosystem decision-making. These courses are designed to give students an early understanding of the many aspects of natural resources and how they are interrelated.

In addition, each week there is a day-long laboratory (FOR 205), making it possible to get a more in-depth look at forestry problems than is possible with the typical 2 or 3-hour labs associated with other courses. All of those courses take place over 12 weeks during the fall semester, with students attending forestry camp during the other three weeks.

Led by NREM faculty members, the forestry camp is a three-Picture of the forestweek, off-campus experience (FOR 206). Students gain additional field experience and meet with natural resource professionals in a forested region outside of Iowa. This experience often helps Forestry students choose their option, or specialty area within the major.

Highlights from 2016 in Alabama      Highlights from 2019 in Michigan


How much is Forestry Camp?

This great camp experience comes with added costs forPicture of students at forestry camp lodging, food and travel. The cost varies each year, depending on the destination of the camp, but has typically ranged between $1,200 and $2,000. There are several scholarships and awards available to ease the cost. Ask an instructor of the course about how to apply.


A History of Forestry Camp 

The first Forestry Camp took place at Cass Lake, Minnesota in 1914. At this time, it was a 10-week experience spanning much of the summer. Since then, camp has changed from a 10 week experience, to 8, 6, and the now 3 weeks that we have today. The last summer camp (Cloquet, MN) and the first fall camp (Topton, NC) were both held in 1993. With the exception of three years during World War II, one year during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a couple years of low enrollment, forestry camp has been held almost every year since it began.

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