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Undergraduate Scholarships

Thanks to the gracious support of our alumni and friends, NREM awards nearly $50,000 to our incoming and current students each year! Additional support is available through University-level scholarships or through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

Scholarship applications specifically associated with FOR 206 (Fall Forestry Camp) are due each fall at a date specified to students completing this course.

How to Apply for Scholarships

  1. Apply for admission to Iowa State University.  
    This application is also used as the student’s application for many merit-based university scholarships, so apply early!  
  2. Complete the OneApp scholarship application. 
    This portal is used to accept applications for most university, college, and department scholarships.  
  3. Check the Financial Aid Office website. 
    There might be a handful of scholarships that you apply for separately from the OneApp application.  
  4. Search for external scholarships. 
    Organizations outside of our university offer scholarships. See the list on the non-ISU scholarships tab for other natural resource related scholarships

Apply to Iowa State University     Apply for University Scholarships     Go to Financial Aid Website



Incoming Freshman

January 10th

Transferring Students

March 9th

Current Students

March 1st

For more or up-to-date details on deadlines, visit the Financial Aid Deadlines Page


    Descriptions of NREM Scholarships