NREM Forestry Program Stands Alone

The NREM forestry program is the only forestry program in Iowa accredited by the Society of American Foresters. SAF, the scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the US, is responsible for the accreditation of postsecondary degree-granting programs in forestry. Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental, peer-review process that assures the educational quality standards set by the profession are being met by a postsecondary degree-granting program of study. Graduation from an accredited program signifies adequate preparation for entry into the profession.

The Iowa State curriculum in forestry, initiated in 1904, was one of the first in the nation and was one of the original programs to be accredited in 1935 when SAF began its accreditation activities. The program has been continuously accredited since 1935. Iowa State Forestry Alumni are employed across the U.S., including many in Iowa, and in many foreign countries.