Human Interactions

Human InteractionsPeople-influenced landscapes and land-use decision-making.


Invasive plant species are plants that are not native to an ecosystem and potentially cause economic or environmental damage to the area. Many plants have been introduced into the north central United States without much impact, but a few species, such as garlic mustard, buckthorn, multiflora rose, and bush honeysuckle, have become very problematic and are impacting woodlands severely. The extent of these species' invasion needs to be known before a plan of action can be developed.

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We are researchers in Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore's Lab at Iowa State University.

Our research investigates the causes, patterns, consequences, and design of landscape and land-use change. Through this research, we attempt to uncover the means to maintain or enhance ecosystem resilience over multiple spatial scales and over the long term. We expect that resilient ecosystems will continue to provide the range of goods and services on which humanity ultimately depends--such as crops, timber, clean water, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

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