NREM 104



Animal Ecology student during their internship researching birds
Kyla during an internship with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

What is NREM 104?

All NREM students are required to obtain 400 hours of practical (paid or volunteer) career-related experience, approved by an academic advisor, prior to graduation. This requirement, also known as NREM 104, is within the curriculum’s Core Degree Requirements. Experiences obtained any time after high school graduation may be accepted. Students can choose to complete the 400 hours in one full summer, or while taking classes during the fall and spring semesters. The hours can also be obtained through multiple experiences and employers if desired.


Why is it important?

Paid jobs, volunteering, and internships are all great ways to gain career-related experience and build your resume. This experience enables our students to apply their skills in real-life situations and helps establish a network with professionals in their field. NREM students have completed Internships throughout Iowa, across the United States, and as far abroad as Australia, the Philippines, and the Arctic Circle.


Finding Experiences

Explore the websites of different organizations for their specific job listings. Also, make extensive use of the many natural resources related job boards out there. Here are some sites you can start with:


Submission Process

  1. Complete the NREM 104 form using the "Submit Your NREM 104 Hours" button. Submit one form for each experience until you've reached a total of 400 hours.
  2. An email will automatically go your supervisor's e-mail that you provide, requesting that they also complete a form to provide feedback on your performance.
  3. Once your supervisor has completed the form, your hours will be banked until the time in which you finish them all 400.
  4. When you have completed 400 hours, all submissions and feedback results will be gathered and passed to your advisor for approval.
  5. After approval, a grade report will be sent to the Registrar's office for official documentation