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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

What is Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences?

Water is a vital resource for every living thing on the planet. If you don't mind getting your feet wet, the careers listed below all work with water, and the living things within it. From commercial fisheries to natural streams, wetlands, and aquariums, there are plenty of areas to work in the aquatic sciences. The work you do will contribute to water conservation, which results in better water for people, plants, and animals. Careers in aquatics include:

  • Fisheries Biologist
  • Aquatic Ecologist
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Water Patrol Officer
  • Watershed Management
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Endangered Species Management
  • Fisheries Manager
  • Aquaculture
  • Aquaponics


What Major and Option should you choose?

To obtain a career in one of these fields we recommend pursuing a degree in


Each of our majors also requires you to choose a specialization, known as an Option. We recommend the following options for those interested in aquatics:


Animal Ecology Options

  • Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences


Forestry Options

  • Natural Resource Conservation and Restoration

Still not sure which is best for you? Come for a campus visit! Talking out your interests with an advisor might provide you with some direction.     

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Stream Ecology catch

Tips for pursuing these careers:

  • Professional Membership!
    Join the Student Subunit of the Iowa Chapter of the  American Fisheries Society. You'll network with professionals and peers and be exposed to experience opportunities.


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