Student Profile: Tony

Photograph of Tony holding a fishM. S. Candidate, Fisheries Biology

Major: Animal Ecology
Focus Area: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Informing Conservation Efforts
There are approximately 143 fish species living in Iowa lakes, ponds, and streams. However, work is needed to understand many of those species. Tony is working to inform effective conservation efforts in Iowa’s watersheds, especially as they pertain to Iowa’s rarer stream fishes. “My research focuses on eight species including black redhorse, red fin shiner, and Ozark minnow. I spend a lot of time sampling in the small streams of northeast Iowa.”

Working in the Field
A typical day in Tony’s shoes looks a little different depending on the season. During a week in the summer Tony may spend 50 hours in the field. “When I’m in the field it’s me and my two field technicians. We sample to understand the distribution and habitat requirements of eight species of greatest conservation need.” In the fall and spring, Tony spends some time in the lab analyzing data as well as serving as a teaching assistant for the undergraduate fisheries techniques class.

Making Connections
Tony works with both Dr. Clay Pierce and Dr. Mike Quist on his research project, but these are not the only connections he has made. “Since I’ve been at Iowa State I’ve presented my research to many groups including a presentation at the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting and at the Midwest Student Fisheries Colloquium which was hosted here on campus. Soon I’ll be presenting to the local Ames Anglers group and at the annual meeting of the Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit. I recently traveled to the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society in Nashville, Tennessee.” Tony has also met a variety of natural resource professionals brought to campus through the NREM seminar series, even meeting for lunch with some of the seminar presenters.