Student Profile: Aaron

Photograph of Aaron in the Rocky MountainsMajor: Forestry
Focus Area: Forest Ecosystem Management

NREM Work Experience
“As an undergraduate I worked for the Colorado State Forest Service conducting Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA). I was stationed on the Western Slope of the Rockies, and I was able to work in almost every ecosystem that Colorado has to offer. We began the season chasing snow up to spruce and fir-filled alpine environments where the air was thin, and ended in pinyon and juniper-filled canyon lands.”

Certainly Not a “Desk Job”
“What I liked most was the amount of time I spent in the field. I averaged a 45-to-1 hourly ratio of field to office hours in a week. I was able to see some spectacular wildlife including cougars, elk, badgers, moose, bobcats, big horn sheep. I even spotted a lynx in plain sight.”

And now…
“After graduating from Iowa State I took a full-time job with the Colorado State Forest Service doing similar work to what I had done during my internship. I am grateful that the ISU NREM department provided me an education that made it possible to have valuable work experience and to open doors to my current career.”