Work Experience Requirement


Download NREM 104 (Work Experience) Forms


Work experiences, volunteering and internships are a great way to gain real-world experience. All NREM students are required to obtain 400 hours of practical (paid or volunteer) career-related experience approved by an academic advisor, prior to graduation. This experience enables our students to apply their skills in real-life situations and helps establish a network of professionals. Internships are located throughout Iowa and across the United States. Our students have studied and worked abroad from Australia to the Philippines to the Arctic Circle.

The practical experience requirement, or NREM 104, is within the curriculum’s Core Degree Requirements. Students can start completing this experience requirement the summer after high school graduation. Students may choose to complete the 400 hours in one full summer, or while taking classes during the fall and spring semesters. The 400 hours can be broken up into sections and may be obtained through multiple employers if desired.

Once an experience has been completed, a student must complete the NREM 104 form as soon as possible. If the form isn't submitted until their last semester, there is no guarantee that the paperwork will be processed in time for graduation. You can find this form below.