Wildlife Resources


Alternative Rehabbers in the Area

The Wildlife Care Clinic is temporarily suspending new patient admits due to administrative changes. Because of this, we have provided the Iowa DNR's list of licensed rehabbers organized by county. Please refer to this list as a means of finding the closest available rehabber to take any injured wildlife you find:

Non-Emergency Police

If an adult, large wild animal (such as deer or coyote) appears to have been hit by car, severely injured, or severely sick – contacting the non-emergency police number can be appropriate as they are able to assist in relocation, contacting wildlife rehabilitators, or provide other forms of assistance the animal may need.

  • Story and Boone Counties:
    • Ames Phone Number: 515-239-5133
    • Nevada Phone Number: 515-382-4593
    • Boone Phone Number:  515-432-3456
  • Polk County:
    • Ankeny Phone Number: 515-286-3333
    • Des Moines Phone Number: 515-283-4811
  • Marshal County:
    • Marshalltown Phone Number: 641-754-5725

Animal Control

If a wild animal that is in need of either medical attention or rehabilitation is unable to be captured safely, please contact your local animal control officer for assistance.

  • Story and Boone Counties:
    • Ames Phone Number:  515-239-5530
      • Weekend and after hours: 515-231-1080
    • Nevada Phone Number: 515-382-3338
    • Boone Phone Number:  515-432-6112
  • Polk County:
    • Ankeny Phone Number: 515-286-3333
    • Des Moines Phone Number: 515-286-3376
      • Weekend and after hours: 515-286-3333
  • Marshal County:
    • Marshalltown Phone Number: 641-753-9046

DNR Conservation Officers

If an injured animal is found that you are not comfortable handling, you can contact your local conservation officer to assist in transfer.

  • Boone and Story Counties:
    • Matt Bruner
      • Phone Number: 515-290-0527
    • Brandon Bergquist
      • Phone Number: 515-290-0177
  • Grundy and Marshall Counties:
    • Tyson Brown
      • Phone Number: 641-451-5246
  • Jasper County:
    • Deb Howe
      • Phone Number: 641-521-2003
  • Dallas County:
    • Dustin Eighmy
      • Phone Number: 515-238-5006
    • Craig Lonneman
      • Phone Number: 515-238-5005

Use the link below to find a conservation officer near you. 


Nuisance Animal Relocation

If a wild animal is found in an inconvenient location such as residences, construction sites, or schools – private companies such as the ones listed below can perform removal and relocation.

  • Iowa Wildlife Control (Story County)
    • Phone Number: 515-451-0843
  • Complete Wildlife Control (Polk County)
    • Phone Number: 515-577-4947
  • All Things Wild Nuisance Animal Control (Wright County)
    • Phone Number: 515-293-1229