Wildlife in Need


Have you found an injured, sick, or orphaned wild animal?

Call the Wildlife Care Clinic at (515) 294-4009. A trained staff member will help you determine if the animal needs help and guide you through what to do next. We are on call from 8 am - 8 pm every day. If you need help after these hours please click on one of the links below for a detailed description of how to help the animal you found. Please do not contact us about animals via email or Facebook because we will not always be able to answer quickly. 

The WCC relies on the public to transport animals to us as we are not able to transport them ourselves. If you are unable to transport an animal to us or are uncomfortable doing so, ask your local animal control or the Department of Natural Resources if they will bring the animal to us or another licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

If we are unable to accommodate the animal, staff will guide you to other wildlife rehabilitators or resources if necessary. 

The Wildlife Care Clinic CANNOT accept...

Unfortunately, we must be discriminatory in our decisions regarding which animals (adult and juveniles) we are able to accept due to size or rabies potential. At this time, we are not equipped to handle the following species: 

  • Raccoon
  • Skunk
  • Fox
  • Bat
  • Bobcat
  • Coyote
  • Deer

The WCC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause you in your immediate attempt to help an animal. Our team is always ready to find you the resources the wild animal may need, so please call us if a species listed above is in need of rehabilitation or medical attention. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to assist wildlife in need!