Tryx the Turkey Vulture


Tryx the Turnkey VultureName: Tryx

Species: Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

Date Admitted: December 8, 2015

About Tryx: Tryx is named after Archaeopteryx, the first bird-like dinosaurs! His favorite thing to do is bask in the warm sunshine with his wing outstretched. He also loves playing with his enrichment toys and listening to music. His absolute favorite food is fish!

Tryx's History: Due to being hit by a car, Tryx was admitted to the WCC with a left wing open humerus fracture. The injury was corrected with a wing amputation, leaving him non-releasable.

Educational Programs: Learn how to request Tryx for your event.

Cost to Sponsor: $125 for a 3 month sponsorship and $250 for a six month sponsorship. See how to donate.