Have You Found An Injured Adult Animal?


Any animal that is obviously injured or ill needs to be rescued.                                               

 You can tell an animal is injured or ill if it is:

  • Bleeding

  • Cold and still

  • Covered in flies and/or maggots

  • Easily captured by hands

  • Has open wounds or a fractured limb, wing, or shell

  • Cannot use one or more of its legs or cannot fly

If you find an animal that you determine is injured after our hours please leave us a voicemail and house it until we are able to contact you. To house the animal overnight do the following:

  • Find a box or critter carrier and line it with an old shirt or towel. 

  • Use a large towel or blanket to drape over the animal then wearing gloves, pick up the animal and place it in the box (see the links below for handing tips on specific wildlife species).

  • Keep the box in a dark, quiet, and warm room away from any kids or pets. 

Do NOT feed the animal or give it water. Feeding a sick or compromised animal can cause illness and death.

Do NOT talk to, pet, or hold the animal. Wild animals get extremely scared and stressed and this can lead to death. 

Do NOT attempt to keep and/or raise a wild animal on your own. It is ILLEGAL to try to keep a wild animal without the appropriate permits. Please contact us for help!

Always wear gloves if you have to handle a wild animal. If you or anyone else is bitten or scratched by a wild animal, contact your health care provider immediately.

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