Harvey the Great Horned Owl


Name: Harvey

Species: Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

Date Admitted: October 6, 2011

About Harvey: Harvey is a sassy and intelligent bird that loves to spend time in our outdoor flight enclosures every day as he is still fully flighted! He acts as a great adult figure and teacher to our orphaned juvenile Great Horned Owls we admit. His favorite meals consist of mice and chicks. 

Harvey's History: Harvey was hit by a car that resulted in a left eye injury too severe to fix, making him non-releasable at the time of his injury. The left eye was removed by our veterinarians, and he has been one of our educational ambassadors ever since. 

Educational Programs: Learn how to request Harvey for your event.

Cost to Sponsor: $150 for a 3 month sponsorship and $300 for a six month sponsorship. See how to donate.