Transfer Student Resources

Transfer Plans list the courses offered at the community college and how each of those corresponds to courses offered at Iowa State University.  Regardless of how a course is listed on the transfer plan, it is important to keep in mind that the individual colleges or departments determine how each course will apply toward your degree program at Iowa State University.  Please note that equivalencies are date-specific and dependent on when the course was taken.

A complete list of ISU transfer plans can be found here.

Things to Know about Transfer Plans

  • If there is a course that is directly equivalent to the community college course, the Iowa State department and course number is listed
  • If there is not a course that is directly equivalent to the community college course, the department name is still listed with either a 100- or 200- or a 1T** or 2T**.  This shows that it does transfer as either a freshman (100- or 1T**) or a sophomore (200- or 2T**) level course.  The student's major department at Iowa State will apply these credits to the student's degree as they see fit.
  • A "z" after MATH 100 indicates that the course will transfer to Iowa State, but will not be used toward graduation from Iowa State University
  • CAREER/TECH means that the course is part of a career/technical program.  A maximum of sixteen semester hours of career/technical credit can be transferred to Iowa State.
  • "NC" in the credit column indicates that the course does not transfer to Iowa State University.  in most cases the course is developmental in nature.


Contact our Student Services Center

If you plan on transferring to Iowa State University, it is important to stay in contact with an adviser in the department you plan to enroll in. Among other things, this insures you are taking course that can be used at Iowa State. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.