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Phylogenetics Systematics and Evolution of Fishes and Mussels

My research in the area of phylogenetic systematics has involved using DNA sequence data to improve our understanding of the evolutionary relationships of organisms.  Phylogenetic hypotheses provide a framework to address questions as diverse as species delineation, biogeography, and character evolution.

Past research projects on the Centrarchidae and the Petromyzontiformes have been sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Topics of more recent research includes freshwater shrimps in the family Atyidae and freshwater mussels in the genus phylogeny of freshwater mussel genus Ptychobranchus.

Kevin J Roe

Kevin and silver salmon
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor
Area of Expertise: 
Conservation, Phylogenetic Systematics, Molluscs and Fishes

Jermaine Mahguib

Jermaine Mahguib
Graduate Student
Graduate Assistant-Research
Kevin J. Roe
Area of Expertise: 
Molecular Phylogenetics

Dr. Kyung Seok Kim

Assistant Scientist III
Area of Expertise: 
Population Genetics, Population Genomics, Conservation Genetics

The Roe Lab

To date my research in my lab has focused on freshwater mollusks, fishes, and shrimps. I have two major areas of interest, I use phylogenetic methods to understand the evolution of organisms and their distributions, and population genetic tools to aid in conservation of rare species. Because many freshwater organisms are affected by anthropogenic impacts on water quality and availability, much of the work in my lab has involved endangered species.