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New Research Project: Genetic Identification of Asian Carp Eggs

My lab will be working with Mike Weber's Lab (NREM) to estimate the distribution of introduced Asian carp in Iowa rivers using genetic tools.  Mike's lab has been collecting fish eggs using plankton tows all Summer and we will be staring DNA extraction and identification of eggs via DNA sequencing of selected mitochondrial genes in the coming weeks.

Kentucky Cave Shrimp!!!

My collaborator Dr. Bernie Kuhajda at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI) has successfully collected several specimens of the endangered Kentucky Cave Shrimp (Palaemonias ganteri).  Tissue samples were carefully collected from the shrimps and the animals were safely released.  My lab has already successfully extracted genomic DNA from the samples and will begin sequencing a number of nuclear and mitochondrial genes.

Jer Pin Chong wins Teaching Award!

Jer Pin recently received the award for excellence in teaching for his outstanding work as a graduate teaching assistant at Iowa State University!

Congratulations Jer Pin!


Jer Pin Chong wins FMCS Travel Award !

Congratulations once AGAIN to Jer Pin for receiving a travel award to attend the Freshwater Mollusc Conservation Society meeting in St. Charles, Mo later this Spring.

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Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Meeting in St. Charles, Missouri

Jer Pin Chong and I attended the bi-annual meeting of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society in St. Charles, Missouri this past week. The meeting was well attended and there were a number of interesting talks.

Jer Pin presented some of his dissertation research comparing the genetic structure of two sister-species Leptodea fragilis and Leptodea leptodon and their fish-host, Aplodinotus grunniens. The talk was very well received, and Jer Pin received Honorable Mention for best student oral presentation at the meeting! Congratulations Jer Pin!

Research Proposal Funded

The proposal: Habitat Improvement Projects for Stream and Oxbow Fish of Greatest Conservation Need, that was submitted as a Competitive State Wildlife Grant (SWGc) was funded. The project involves a collaboration with several state and federal agencies as well as two other NREM faculty members (Clay Pierce and Mike Weber).  An overview of the project is below.