Jer Pin Chong

picture of me holding an endangered pink mucket

I'm interested in applying principles of population genetics to wildlife conservation. Before starting my doctoral degree, I worked as a research assistant and developed sequencing and genotyping markers for varies organisms such as freshwater mussels, leopard frogs, bears, wild turkeys, and pine beetles. My current research involves species delimitation using both genetics and morphometrics data to resolve taxonomic confusion of freshwater mussel genus Cyprogenia. I'm also investigating the impact of host fish dispersal to gene flow and population structure of another federally endangered mussel species, Leptodea leptodon. I enjoy teaching and would like to educate the younger generation to promote the awareness of environmental protection, at the same time continue my research in conservation genetics to fulfill my curiosity in science.


Area of Expertise: 
Population Genetics
Conservation Biology
Freshwater mussels
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife, Utah State University, 2004
M.S., Wildlife Biology, Utah State University, 2006
+1 559 630 1682
339 Science II