• Aerial photo of lower Onion Creek, Iowa

The Applied Geomorphology lab is part of the Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management at Iowa State University. We study earth surface processes, the evolution of landscapes through these processes, and the impacts of management on process and form. We work in fluvial, glacial, and hillslope settings using various combinations of fieldwork, geospatial analysis, modeling and laboratory experiments.


Recent News

January 30, 2018

A paper outlining theoretical constraints on the stability of supraglacial debris (rock debris on top of glaciers) was recently published by Pete in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. The stability of debris cover on glacier surfaces has a significant impact on both the short-term ablation of debris-covered glaciers and the longer-term landform genesis in these systems.

January 30, 2018

PhD student Billy Beck's first paper from his dissertation is now out in the Open Access journal Water, as part of a special issue on Streambank Erosion: Monitoring, Modeling and Management. The paper summarizes recent years' observations of bank erosion in Walnut Creek, IA, as measured with erosion pins. Congrats to Billy!

November 29, 2017

The North-central section of the Geological Society of America will be holding its annualĀ meetingĀ in Ames next spring, and the Applied Geomorphology lab will be there. Join us for a session we're co-convening on fluvial geomorphology in formerly-glaciated settings:

November 9, 2017

Pete attended the 2017 GSA annual meeting in Seattle in late October and had a busy week. These were a few of the highlights:

October 5, 2017

Pete will be contributing to this year's Urban Streambank Restoration and Bioengineering Methods training hosted by the Iowa Storm Water Education Partnership, Oct. 30-Nov. 3, in Des Moines, IA.