I teach two courses at the core of the Wildlife concentration within the Animal Ecology Major:

Ecological Methods (A ECL/BIOL 371) and

Wildlife Ecology and Management (A ECL 451).

I also teach a course on Wildlife Population Methods at the French Conservation Camp in Montana with Mike Rentz

In spring 2019, I'm trying a new seminar course called Data Wrangling in R for Natural Resource Professionals (NREM 305, section 3) that will deal with data processing, visualization, and analysis in everyone's favorite program, R. We'll be making use of DataCamp, which you can read about here.

And I've taught a study abroad course with Steve Dinsmore, Natural History of Costa Rica and a section of the EEB Graduate Program's Field Course (EEB 585) with Cassandra Nuñez on Altitudinal Ecology in Colorado.