Why Prairie Strips?


Image of farmer and farm land owner standing in an establishing prairie stripOur cooperating farmers, farm managers, and farmland owners are best at explaining why and how prairie strips fit into the commercial farm environment. They are also passionate about sharing their perspectives with others. We are capturing their thoughts and experiences in a series of short interviews. Here's what we have so far:

  • Eric Hoien is from Spirit Lake and owns four farms in northwest Iowa. Find his testimonial here
  • Darwin Pierce is from Coon Rapids and is the Farm Manager at Whiterock Conservancy, located just outside of Coon Rapids, Iowa. Find his testimonial here.
  • Tim Smith is a corn and soybean farmer near Eagle Grove, Iowa. Find his testimonial here.
  • Lee Tesdell owns and manages his family's Century Farm near Slater, Iowa. Find his testimonial here.
  • Seth Watkins is a cow-calf farmer who also grows corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa near Clarinda, Iowa. Find his testimonial here.

Check back for additional testimonials in the coming months.