Training Module: Using Native Prairie Strips to Improve Soil and Water Quality


Welcome to the Prairie Strips training module. This self-guided resource is intended for consulting professionals, technical or extension staff, and those interested in learning more about the prairie strips practice. The seven chapters listed below include descriptions, visuals, and videos that will educate participants about some of the major challenges that Midwestern farmers and landowners face when it comes to meeting conservation goals, and how prairie strips can be used as a multi-benefit conservation practice. Also included is information regarding prairie strip implementation and management, covering topics like placement and design, species selection and cost. This module can be exited and re-accessed at any time. No additional materials are needed.

To enter the module, click a chapter heading to explore the contents. To navigate on following pages, use the 'PREVIOUS PAGE', 'MAIN MENU' and 'NEXT PAGE' buttons located at the base of each page.

Module Contents

Chapter 1:    Learning Objectives

Chapter 2:    Introduction

Chapter 3:    Three Conservation Challenges Midwest Farmers Face

Chapter 4:    Prairie Strips – One Possible Solution

Chapter 5:    Economics

Chapter 6:    Take Home Points

Chapter 7:    References


This module was created by Willard Mott (content) and Rachael Whitehair (web development). Review and edits were made by STRIPS team members.

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