Prairie Prophets: Episode 3 The Science of Prairie

March 15, 2023

Brandon Butler, Director of Communications | Roeslein Alternative Energy, meets with Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore (Ph.D.), a professor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University, and a leader in guiding the scientific efforts of landscape ecology on agricultural lands throughout the Midwest. Brandon and Lisa discuss the benefits of restoring prairie, and the solutions it brings to 21st century challenges in agriculture, technology and innovation. Read more about Prairie Prophets: Episode 3 The Science of Prairie

Research Overview

Helmers-Watkins-Liebman NSNWRThe STRIPS project began in 2003, when Iowa State University scientists began discussing the opportunity to test the effects of integrating restored prairie in crop fields with managers at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. Together, the scientists and refuge managers established four different treatments on 12 small watersheds at Neal Smith in 2007. As of 2012, we're now also working on a growing number of commercial farm fields across Iowa and northern Missouri. Read more about the research background, farmer collaborators, and research topics here. Read more about Research Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

diversified farmPrairie strips are a farmland conservation practice that uses strategically placed native prairie plantings in crop fields. The practice has been tested by the STRIPS team since 2007 on experimental plots at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and increasingly on commercial farms across Iowa. Here we present our responses to the Frequently Asked Questions we receive on prairie strips at conferences and field days, and through email. The information was prepared by team members, and will be updated over time as needed, as we continue to learn. The answers below are general in nature, and may not apply in specific situations. Resources are provided with each answer. Read more about Frequently Asked Questions