Prairie Strips Consultants

The Become a Prairie Strips Consultant program for Technical Service Providers (TSPs), Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), and other farm advisors offers education for supporting installation and maintenance of prairie strips. See our list of participants who completed the program at the Bluestem, Coneflower, and Prairie Clover levels as of October 18, 2 Read more about Prairie Strips Consultants

Seth Watkins - Farmer

Seth Watkins is a cow-calf livestock farmer from Clarinda, Iowa. He also farms 800 ac of corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa. He chatted with Lisa Schulte Moore from the STRIPS team on June 16, 2017 about why he sees prairie strips as a good option for his farm. He also shared some of his experiences as a farmer in establishing and farming around prairie strips.

Lisa: What were your goals in establishing prairie strips?