Why Prairie Strips?

Our cooperating farmers and farmland owners are best at explaining why and how prairie strips fit into the commercial farm environment. They are also passionate about sharing their perspectives with others. Click this link for a series of short interviews. Read more about Why Prairie Strips?

Lee Tesdell - Landowner

Lee Tesdell owns and manages Tesdell Century Farm located in Polk County, Iowa. His great grandfather bought the family farm in 1884 and it currently includes 80 acres of corn and soybeans, alfalfa hay, and streamside buffer strips. He employs a variety of conservation practices including no-till, cover crops, grass waterways, buffer and filter strips, a bioreactor, and a saturated buffer. He chatted with Farnaz Kordbacheh from the STRIPS team on March 9, 2018 about why he sees prairie strips as a good option for his farm.

Shami Morse - Landowner

Shami Morse and her siblings own their family farm in Iowa County, Iowa. They established 16 acres of prairie strips on a 200 acre row crop field in the fall of 2014. She chatted with J. Arbuckle from the STRIPS team on July 16, 2018 about why she sees prairie strips as a good option for their cropland.

J.: How were you first introduced to the prairie strips?