Prairie Strips Consultants


The Become a Prairie Strips Consultant program for Technical Service Providers (TSPs), Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), and other farm advisors offers education for supporting installation and maintenance of prairie strips. See our list of participants who completed the program at the Bluestem, Coneflower, and Prairie Clover levels as of October 18, 2018 below.

Bluestem Level: A day-long training that covers prairie strips design, establishment, and monitoring, including the science supporting prairie strips, field mapping, plant identification, seed mixtures, maintenance, determining costs and more. 

   Aaron Corbin, Lynnville, IA
   Adam Rodenberg, Cedar Rapids, IA
   Allie Rath, West Union, IA
   Ashley Dean, Ames IA
   Austin Banks, West Des Moines, IA   
   Beth Rachut, Osage, IA
   Brian Hillers, Center, WI
   Carly Kalina,West Des Moines, IA
   Chris Hiher, Epworth, IA
   Cindy Whitehead, Brodhead, WI
   Corrine Daniels, Brodhead, WI
   Douglas Wiedenbeck, Lancaster, WI 
   Erika Rodbell, Ames, IA
   Erik Brettingen, Eau Claire, WI
   Gene Schriefer, Dodgeville, WI
   Grace Yi, Des Moines, IA 
   Jake Holt, Sidney, IA
   Jason Andersen, Audubon, IA
   Josh Dansdill, Postville, IA 
   Lisa Stark, Iowa City, IA
   Maria Urice, Kalona, IA
   Matt Emslie, Viroqua, WI
   Michael Pittman, Waterloo, IA
   Morgan Troendle, Waterloo, IA   
   Olivia Rauen, Ames, IA
   Paige Frautschy, Madison, WI
   Paul Mackendrick, Runnells, IA
   Rebecca Baldwin-Kordick, Ames, IA
   Robin Oanes Gomes, Decorah, IA
   Rose Danaher, Williamsburg, IA
   Scott Evans, Arlington, WI  
   Shelby Williams, Vinton, IA
   Tom Lukens, Viroqua, WI
   Tom Lundahl, Papillion, NE

Coneflower Level: In addition to the day-long training, this level included individualized work with the team to develop a communications piece that exemplifies their understanding of prairie strip design, establishment, and management.

   Alan Wedemeyer, Lake City, IA
   Annie Fangman, Ames, IA 
   Ben Lehman, Polk City, IA
   Corey Meyer, Decorah, IA
   Duane Miller, Urbandale, IA
   Jeff Reiland, Waukee, IA
   Jessy Van Horn, Ames, IA
   Jim Kessler, Grinnell, IA
   Kelsey Fleming, Waukee, IA
   Leeland Searles, Des Moines, IA
   Matt Frana, Decorah, IA
  Michelle Elliott, Decorah, IA
   Myriam Gray, Pella, IA 
   Sally Gran, Nevada, IA
   Sarah Porter, Ames, IA
   Shami Morse, Papillion, NE
   Tre Wilson, Des Moines, IA
   Willard Mott, Geneseo, IL

Prairie Clover Level: In addition to the day-long training and communications piece, this level included individualized work with the team on their first prairie strips consulting. 

   Craig Ficenec, Madison, WI
   Doug Davenport, Creston, IA
   Emery Davis, Marion, IA
   Greg Olson, Madison, WI
   Hanna Bates, Ames, IA
   John Delaney, Viroqua, WI
   Lance Brisbois, Oakland, IA   
   Luke Gran, Nevada, IA

Program guidelines associated with the 3-part certification can be found here. For further assistance and details about creating the Part 2 communications piece, review the Part 2 guidelines and view the video 'Communicating about Prairie Strips'. Access the PowerPoint presentation to utilize links presented in the video.

For information about the business aspects of consulting, view the interview by Nancy Grudens-Schuck with Joe Lally: Agriculture and Conservation Consulting in the MidwestNew in June 2018.

Funding for the 2017 trainings and on-going support for the consultants was provided by Iowa Agriculture Water AllianceThe McKnight Foundation, and the Walton Family FoundationAn ISU Extension news release on the workshops can be found here.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a certified consultant or would like to be put on a mailing list for future workshop announcements, please contact Rachael Whitehair at or Nancy Grudens-Schuck at

Prairie strips consultants complete training with STRIPS team