Prairie Prophets: Episode 3 The Science of Prairie

March 15, 2023

Brandon Butler, Director of Communications | Roeslein Alternative Energy, meets with Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore (Ph.D.), a professor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University, and a leader in guiding the scientific efforts of landscape ecology on agricultural lands throughout the Midwest. Brandon and Lisa discuss the benefits of restoring prairie, and the solutions it brings to 21st century challenges in agriculture, technology and innovation.

Brandon also meets with a variety of scientists, agronomists and professionals such as Connor Woods, Conservation Coordinator | Roeslein Alternative Energy, who explains the beneficial process of harvesting prairie plant biomass for feedstock and how it contributes to renewable energy.

Finally, Brandon attends a Field Day hosted by Lisa for Graduate Students, colleagues, farmers and various industry professionals, where she delievers a impactful speech on the importance of strategically integrated prairie.

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