Justin Meissen

Research and Restoration Program Manager, University of Northern Iowa Tallgrass Prairie Center
Picture of Justin Meissen

Dr. Justin Meissen is responsible for implementing restoration research and demonstration projects, and creating training seminars, presentations and technical materials for multiple audiences including roadside managers and other conservation professionals. Justin has extensive experience in ecological restoration, having worked for The Nature Conservancy, Audubon California, and leading the Red Bison Prairie Restoration Student Group while in college at University of Illinois. He has served as a botanical consultant and plant ID workshop instructor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He was a teaching assistant for three years for an ecological restoration course at the University of Minnesota. His PhD research at the University of Minnesota evaluates the risks of repeated, intensive overharvesting of seed from native tallgrass prairies. The study, conducted in western Minnesota, required extensive collaboration with the Minnesota DNR, The Nature Conservancy, and private landowners. Justin says, “I'm excited for the opportunity to restore and advocate for our tallgrass prairies, and I look forward to exploring new and compelling avenues of applied prairie research that will help us improve our ability to restore and promote these important ecosystems."

Area of Expertise: 
Restoration Ecology
Plant Ecology
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
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