Hands-On Soil Health Clinic

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
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Please REGISTER so we can plan accordingly. Register here; https://go.wisc.edu/soilhealthclinic-register or call 608-590-5758. (Registration closes Oct 13, at 12 am (midnight)).


• 10 am – Event Start


• 10:15 am - Welcome from Fond du Lac County Land & Water Conservation Dept.


• 10:25 am - Dale Theel, with comments from Phillip Laatsch, Certified Crop Advisor with Phillips Crop Care Inc. & Dale Theel’s agronomist
o “The no-till and cover crop systems I use on my farm and lessons I learned over 30+ years”
-Inspect corn planted no-till green


• 10:45 am - Becky Wagner
o What is a soil health analysis and how do we interpret the results?


• 11:05 am - Inspect the spring frost seeded and multispecies cover crop planted after winter wheat- comments by Dale Theel and Phillip Laatsch


• 11:20 am - Jamie Patton
o Soil pit demonstration - What does soil health look like and how does it improve the function of soil?


• 12:00 pm - Lunch


• 12:30 pm - Fond du Lac County and NRCS personnel
o Cost-share Opportunities for Soil Health Practices


• 12:45 pm - Greg Olson prairie strips presentation with comments from Dan Stoffel, a farmer in Washington County who has implemented 4 prairie strips on his farm
o What are Prairie Strips? What soil health and pollinator benefits do they offer? How are they established?
o Prairie strip planting demo


•1:25 pm – Short drive to Dale Theel’s University of Wisconsin interseeding mix into corn plot
o Comments by Anne Pfeiffer, UW Madison’s On-farm Research Network Program Manager


• 1:50 pm – Adjourn
o Attendees may take a self-guided drive and tour of Dale Theel’s no-herbicide soybean field. Pick up a map at the end of the event.