Become a Prairie Strips Consultant!

September 26, 2017

STRIPS Farmer Laison Tim YoungquistThe STRIPS team was recently awarded grants from Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, The McKnight Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation to train Technical Service Providers (TSPs), Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), and other farm advisors for certification in prairie strips design, establishment and monitoring. More certified technicians will allow more Iowa farmers and landowners to use this conservation tool. Training workshops will cover topics including field mapping, plant identification, seed mixtures, maintenance, determining costs and more. AgSolver and Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance are partnering with the STRIPS team to offer these workshops.

A limited number of qualified attendees will receive a $250 stipend for the workshop, and a $1,000 bonus after successful installation of prairie strips on a client's field. Participants will create a communications piece to support their business credentials in prairie strips.

Below are dates and locations for in-depth training workshops to be held in Iowa during summer and fall 2017.

Workshops are one part of a 3-part certification program. You only need to attend one workshop. Access the workshop list.

Review program guidelines for completing the 3-part certification. Review Part 2 guidelines for creating the communications piece.

For further assistance and details about creating the part 2 communications piece, view the video 'Communicating about Prairie Strips'. Access the PowerPoint presentation to utilize links presented in the video.

To attend a workshop, fill out the registration form

To submit registration, either e-mail Rachael Whitehair ( or surface mail to: 

R.Whitehair, Agricultural Education
Iowa State University
513 Farm House Lane, 201 Curtiss Hall
Ames, IA  50011-1054

An ISU Extension news release on the workshops can be found here.