Iowa State University Aquatic Research Facility


The Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management has built an Aquatic Research Facility at an ISU farm north of Ames. The ponds are now in use to support fisheries and aquatic research in the Department.
Since the summer of 1994, the facility has been used for the following research projects:

  • "Best Management Practices for Channel Catfish Culture in Plastic-lined Ponds" (two year comparison project)
  • "Yellow Perch Culture" (over-winter)
  • "Over-wintering of advanced walleye fingerlings"
  • "North Central Regional Aquaculture Center Baitfish Project" (golden shiners)

ISU-ARF is located on the Horticulture Research Station. Form Ames, travel north on Highway 69 to the Gilbert corner. Turn right onto the gravel road and proceed 1.5 miles, the Horticulture Station is on the left. The gate is open form 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.