About PEWI

People in Ecosystems/Watershed Integration (PEWI) is a simple web-based educational game designed to provide a scientific platform for teaching, discussing, and evaluating the tradeoffs associated with agricultural land use and management. Players iteratively manipulate land use annually for three years in a virtual 6000 acre watershed to meet a variety of goals. The tool computes a variety of results, including agricultural yields, soil erosion, stream pollution, and wildlife habitat.

PEWI v3 is developed and maintained to be compatible with Google Chrome (versions 49+), Internet Explorer (versions 11+), Mozilla Firefox (versions 47+), and Safari (versions 9.1+).

PEWI is a product of Iowa State University Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. The product license can be found here. Members of the PEWI development team were Lisa Schulte Moore, Assata Caldwell, Carrie Chennault, Justin Choe, Ryan Frahm, Noah Hagen, Jake Hill, Charles Labuzzetta, Elise Miller, Laura Roy, Nancy Shryock, John Tyndall, Robert Valek, and John VanDyk.

PEWI v3 was funded through grants from the Iowa State University Department of Agronomy, McKnight Foundation, and USDA Forest Service.

More information on PEWI, including information on tool development, learning exercises, additional acknowledgements, and how you can contribute can be found at the project website: www.nrem.iastate.edu/pewi. Questions can be sent to pewi@iastate.edu.

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