Richard Magala

Project Coordinator
PhD Student

Am a trained ecologist and a PhD student in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Iowa State University. I am interested in landscape Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, and modelling in all these aspects. However, I am inclined to understanding ecosystem service trade-offs and impacts of human activities on the ecosystem  service production. I work on PEWI  as project manager and leads the update of PEWI science modules. Apparently, I am investigating the impacts of different land uses on climate change mitigation and pollination ecosystem services. I have a proven work record and great experience in herpetological research, environmental impact assessments, audits, geospatial data processing and teaching. I love working in a team but am also able to work and think independently. 

I have support skills in R programming, computer assisted interview programming, text mining with python, data wrangling, Big data processing and collation and GIS.

Area of Expertise: 
Wildlife Ecology
PhD. Wildlife Ecology, Fish and Wildlands