Carrie M Chennault

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How can we explore challenging differences—in values, in backgrounds, and in goals for the world—to build a future together that connects us as humans to the land, water, other creatures, and one another?  How can we enable those connections to engender a desire for an environmentally sustainable, socially just agriculture?  Those two questions, among many others, motivate my work, research, and daily life.  I am a graduate researcher and project manager for PEWI, synthesizing the science that informs PEWI, planning and designing the tool's awesome interactive design, coordinating a large team in our daily activities, and conducting outreach and educational activities with user groups.  I have enjoyed working with the project's principal investigator, Lisa Schulte Moore, and helping her vision of a newer, better PEWI become a reality!  Everyone on the project team brings drive, creativity, and passion to PEWI, and I encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, feedback, or inquiries about collaborating with the team.

Beyond my research, I am dedicated to fostering a strong family, community, and self.  I spend as much time as I can squeeze with Andee, am involved with the Food at First garden and meal service, serve on the board at Wheatsfield Cooperative Grocery, serve as an associate editor for the Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, and enjoy swimming, climbing, yoga, and the outdoors.  

Area of Expertise: 
Landscape Ecology
Social-ecological systems
M.S., Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University
B.A., Plan II Honors, University of Texas
B.B.A., Accounting, University of Texas
38 Science II
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