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The People in Ecosystems/Watershed Integration (PEWI) tool is a simple web-based educational game designed to help people understand the impacts of land use. PEWI is an open-source tool that can be used with students and stakeholders to explore how different land use types and configurations result in tradeoffs in ecosystem service outcomes.  

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Questions about PEWI? Email pewi@iastate.edu.


PEWI, or People in Ecosystems/Watershed Integration, is a simple web-based learning tool to help people understand human-landscape interactions and ecosystem service tradeoffs. PEWI addresses our need to balance agricultural production with other environmental benefits, including clean water, abundant wildlife, and recreation, among others. While PEWI focuses on the US Corn Belt, its lessons can apply to agricultural regions globally. 

To ensure the constant improvement and widespread availability of PEWI, we have made the tool open source and offer multiple opportunities to collaborate.  To learn more about how to contribute to the science or code that drives PEWI, visit our Collaborate page.  To download lesson plans that incorporate PEWI, visit our Lesson Plans library. Email pewi@iastate.edu with questions and feedback for the development team.