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Dr. Timothy W Stewart

  • Associate Professor
  • Harmon Family Professor


Contact Info

136 Science II

Research Area

Area of Expertise

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Ecology Education


  • B.A., Biology, Ithaca College, 1989
  • M.S., Biology, SUNY Brockport, 1993
  • Ph.D., Biology, Bowling Green State University, 1999

Courses I Teach 
Principles of Biology; Natural History of Iowa Vertebrates; Ecology of Freshwater Invertebrates, Plants, and Algae; Field Ecology Research and Teaching; Environmentalism in Music

My Scholarship
I’m an aquatic ecologist with a strong interest in environmental education.  Current scholarship focuses on teaching strategies for enhancing public knowledge and interest in ecology.  Additionally, I'm involved in research that evaluates interactions between physical, chemical, and biological variables in wetlands. 

Selected Publications

Stewart, T.W., Thompson, J.R., Tank, K.M., Olson, J.K., Rentz, M.S., and Wolter, P.T. 2022. A course-based research and teaching experience for science majors and preservice educators (“Field Ecology Research and Teaching”). Journal of College Science Teaching 52:22-28. 

Osterhaus, D. M., Leberg, S.S., Pierce, C.L. Stewart, T.W. and McCombs, A.M. 2022. Comparison of sampling methods for small oxbow wetland fish communities. PLOS ONE. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0277698

Osterhaus, D.M., Leberg, S.S., Pierce, C.L., Stewart, T.W., and McCombs, A.M. 2022. Oxbow restorations for Topeka Shiner: defining success. The American Midland Naturalist 188:56-73. 

Osterhaus, D.M., Leberg, S.S., Pierce, C.L., and Stewart, T.W. 2021. Return of Topeka Shiner to restored oxbows in the White Fox Creek watershed, Iowa, USA. Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 128:3-6.

Baldwin, R.C., Sundberg, M.D., Stewart, T.W., and Weber, M.W. 2018. Influence of sieve mesh size on relationships between macroinvertebrate assemblage and environmental variables in wetlands. Wetlands 38:677-687.

Sundberg, M.D., Baldwin, R.C., Stewart, T.W., and Weber, M.W. 2018. Responses of wetland ecosystems to drought-induced fish eliminations. Wetlands 38:703-710.

Sundberg, M.D., Baldwin, R.C., Stewart, T.W., and Weber, M.W. 2016. Linkages between land use, invasive fishes, and prairie pothole wetland condition. Wetlands 36:1097-1107.

Maurer, K.M., Stewart, T.W., and Lorenz, F.O. 2014. Direct and indirect effects of fish on invertebrates and tiger salamanders in prairie pothole wetlands. Wetlands 34:735-745.

Hentges, V.A., and Stewart, T.W. 2010. Macroinvertebrate assemblages in Iowa prairie pothole wetlands and relation to environmental features. Wetlands 30:501-511.

Stewart, T.W., and Downing, J. 2008. Macroinvertebrate communities and environmental conditions in recently constructed wetlands. Wetlands 28:141-150.

Stewart, T.W. 2007. Measuring animal movements in a natural ecosystem: a mark-recapture investigation using stream-dwelling snails. American Biology Teacher 69(1). http://www.nabt.org/websites/institution/File/pdfs/publications/abt/archived-table/2007/069-01-0028.pdf

Stewart, T.W., and Embrey, T.R. 2003. Demonstrating that habitat structure facilitates coexistence of predator and prey: a laboratory experiment using goldfish and invertebrates.  American Biology Teacher 65:292-297.