A Muskellunge I caught in a small local river in Southeast Pennsylvania

Thomas P Miles

  • Graduate Assistant
  • Dr. Michael J Weber


Contact Info

424 Science 2, 2310 Pammel Dr

Area of Expertise

  • Gamefish Management


  • B.S. Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science. Mississippi State University. 2020.

I grew up in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a town called Chadds Ford. There, I discovered a passion for the outdoors that grew with age. By high school, I knew I wanted to make my passion into a profession, and I began doing everything I could to make it happen. I began studying wildlife and fisheries in my free time, and decided on Mississippi State University for my undergraduate degree. Here, I was able to find and foster my love of research, and hone my interests down to fisheries, and then further to gamefish management. After completing some undergraduate research at Mississippi State, I decided a Master's project suited me best. I found a listing for my current project in the Weber Lab and decided it aligned well with my interests, so I applied and later accepted the position. My time in Iowa will be my first experience in the Midwest, and I'm incredibly excited to see a new area of the country and immerse myself in this new culture.