Patrick McGovern

Graduate Assistant-Research
Pat McGovern image

My research focuses on survival and space use of white-tailed deer fawns in the agricultural landscape of central Iowa. I am attempting to document cause-specific mortality of fawns and investigate links between habitat use and survival.

I am broadly interested in large mammal ecology and predator-prey dynamics. I graduated from Davidson College in 2011 with a B.S. in Biology. My undergraduate research focused on the behavioral ecology of various bird species including eastern bluebirds, house wrens, and eastern screech-owls. After graduation, I worked on projects investigating mountain lion prey selection, nonlethal management of African elephants, and the monitoring and conservation of the U.S. ocelot population.

Area of Expertise: 
Wildlife Ecology
B.S., Biology, Davidson College, 2011
+1 301 385 1297
39 Science II