Morgan P Davis

Graduate Research Assistant
Photograph of Morgan Davis

My name is Morgan Davis, and I was born and raised in Southern Illinois. I received both my Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from The University of Illinois in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. I started working in a biogeochemistry lab as an undergraduate and fell in love with scientific research. After leaving Illinois I briefly worked at The University of Iowa as a field technician, before accepting my current PhD position with Dr. Tom Isenhart here at Iowa State University.  When I am not doing research you can find me running or on any sort of bicycle!

I am currently studying saturated buffer strips designed to remove nitrate from tile drained agricultural landscapes. Specifically, I am interested in the quantification of nitrate removal, the environmental conditions for maximum nitrate removal, and the mechanisms in which nitrate is removed.

Area of Expertise: 
Environmental Biogeochemistry
+1 618 559 7556