Michael Moore with juvenile Lake Sturgeon

Dr. Michael J Moore

  • Assistant Professor
  • Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


Contact Info

336 Science 2 $ 2310 Pammel Drive

Research Area

Area of Expertise

  • Fisheries Ecology
  • Fisheries Science
  • Movement Ecology
  • Fish-Habitat Relationships
  • Aquatic Conservation


  • B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife Sciencies, University of Missouri, 2012
  • M.S., Fish and Wildlife Conservation, 2016, Virginia Polytechnic Instistute and State University
  • PhD., Natural Resources, 2021, University of Missouri, 2021

My collaborator-driven research centers on addressing knowledge gaps to improve conservation decision-making to conserve aquatic diversity. Taxonomically, I specialize fish and crayfish. My research aims to 1) understand how organisms interact with the physical and biological dimensions of their surroundings to inform management of aquatic ecosystems 2) to promote resilience in freshwater communities to anthropogenic disturbances including invasive species and climate change. I approach these themes by examining the factors that influence the space use of organisms at various spatial and temporal scales. I effectively leverage technological advancements that are rapidly expanding the ecologist’s research toolbox to describe species movement, distribution, and habitat use in aquatic systems. My work with fish has centered on habitat associations, developing effective monitoring protocols, and modeling habitat suitability. I am also interested in the factors influencing population contraction or expansion at species’ range margins