Dr. Julie A Blanchong

Associate Professor
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I am a wildlife ecologist interested in investigating ecological and genetic factors that influence the health of wildlife populations with the goal of contributing to their successful conservation and management.




Selected Publications

  • Wolff, P.L., J.A. Blanchong, D.D. Nelson, P.J. Plummer, C. McAdoo, M. Cox, T.E. Besser, J. Munoz-Gutierrez, C.A. Anderson. Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae detection in pneumonic mountain goat kids. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, In Press.
  • Blanchong, J.A., C.A. Anderson, N.J. Clark, R.W. Klaver, P.J. Plummer, M. Cox, C. McAdoo, P.L. Wolff. 2018. Respiratory disease, behavior and survival of mountain goat kids. Journal of Wildlife Management 82:1243-1251.
  • Houston, D.D. S. Azeem, C.W. Lundy, Y. Sato, B. Guo, J.A. Blanchong, P.C. Gauger, D.R. Marks, K.-J. Yoon, J.S. Adelman. 2017. Evaluating the role of wild songbirds or rodents in spreading avian influenza across an agricultural landscape. Peer J DOI 10.7717/peerj.4060.
  • Blanchong, J.A., W.J. Reiter-Marolf, S.J. Dinsmore. 2017. Mercury exposure in Bald Eagles admitted for rehabilitation in Iowa. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 53:593-595.
  • Reiter-Marolf, W.J., S.J. Dinsmore, J.A. Blanchong. 2017. Environmental contaminants in excrement of Iowa’s nesting and wintering Bald Eagles. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129:148-154.
  • Blanchong, J.A., S.J. Robinson, M.D. Samuel, J.T. Foster. 2016. Application of genetics and genomics to wildlife epidemiology. Journal of Wildlife Management 80:593-608.
  • Reiter-Marolf, W.J., S.J. Dinsmore, J.A. Blanchong. 2016. An evaluation of excrement as an alternative to blood for characterizing lead exposure in bald eagles. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40:174-180.
  • Randall, N.J., B.J. Blitvich, J.A. Blanchong. 2013. Association between agricultural land use and West Nile virus seroprevalence in Iowa birds. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49:869-873.
  • Blanchong, J.A., A.B. Sorin, K.T. Scribner. 2013. Genetic diversity and population structure in urban white-tailed deer. Journal of Wildlife Management 77:855-862.
  • Randall, N.J., B.J. Blitvich, J.A. Blanchong. 2012. The efficacy of wildlife rehabilitation centers in the surveillance and monitoring of pathogen activity: A case study with West Nile virus. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48:648-653.
  • Sippy, R., C. Sandoval-Green, O. Sahin, P. Plummer, W.S. Fairbanks, Q. Zhang, J.A. Blanchong. 2012. Occurrence and molecular analysis of Campylobacter in wildlife on livestock farms. Veterinary Microbiology 157:369-375.
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  • Blanchong, J.A., D.M. Heisey, K.T. Scribner, S.V. Libants, C. Johnson, J.M. Aiken, J.A. Langenberg, M.D. Samuel. 2009. Genetic susceptibility to chronic wasting disease in free-ranging white-tailed deer: Complement component C1q and Prnp polymorphisms. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 9:1329-1335.
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  • Blanchong, J.A., S.N. Kravchenko, K.T. Scribner, S.R. Winterstein. 2007. TB-infected deer are more closely related than non-infected deer. Biology Letters 3:103-105.
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  • Blanchong, J.A., D.O. Joly, M.D. Samuel, J.A. Langenberg, R.E. Rolley, J.A. Sausen. 2006. White-tailed deer harvest from the chronic wasting disease eradication zone in south-central Wisconsin. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:725-731.
  • Blanchong, J.A., M.D. Samuel, G.F. Mack. 2006. Multi-species patterns of avian cholera mortality in Nebraska's Rainwater Basin. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 42:81-91.
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  • Blanchong, J.A., K.T. Scribner, S.R. Winterstein. 2002. Assignment of individuals to populations: Bayesian methods and multilocus genotypes. Journal of Wildlife Management 66:321-329.
Area of Expertise: 
Wildlife Health
Wildlife Disease
Wildlife Genetics
B.S., Biology, Bowling Green State University
M.S., Zoology, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Fisheries and Wildlife; Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior, Michigan State University
205 Science II