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Jordan with yagi antenna

Jordan C Giese

  • Ph.D. Candidate

Contact Info

339 Science 2 2310 Pammel Dr


  • B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife, University of Nebraska, 2013
  • M.S., Agriculture and Natural Resources, Tarleton State University, 2016

More Information

My dissertation research revolves around the relationship between wildlife and agriculture. As a part of the STRIPS project, I evaluate the effects of on-farm conservation practices on breeding and wintering birds. Using data collected via bird point counts, autonomous recording units, and GPS transmitters, my work looks to examine how local and landscape scale attributes influence the efficacy of agricultural conservation practices in Iowa. 

At ISU I've taught lab sections of A ECL 371 Ecological Methods across three semesters and been the instructor for A ECL 458 Ornithology across two semesters. I've also assisted with FOR 452 Ecosystem Management. 

Prior to my time at ISU, I completed an M.S. at Tarleton State University working on White-tipped Doves (Leptotila verreauxi) on the U.S.-Mexico border. While an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska, I worked on research crews examining Bell's Vireo, Brown Thrasher, and Gray Catbird nest ecology.