Evangelin R Von Boeckman

Evangelin R Von Boeckman

  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Dr. Adam Janke


Research Area

Area of Expertise

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Avian Ecology


  • B.S., Wildlife, Fisheries, & Aquaculture Science, Mississippi State University, 2019

Hello, my name is Evangelin Von Boeckman (Evie), and I am a graduate student with Dr. Adam Janke. I have a wide range of interests that tie into avian ecology and wetland conservation. I thoroughly enjoy research that involves spatial and movement dynamics of birds as well as large-scale, avian wetland habitat interactions. In particular, I equally enjoy both field work and computer modelling, map making, and analyses looking into these ideas. My research project is in the south-eastern extent of the Prairie Pothole Region. Broadly, I am studying the nexus between wetlands created for improving water quality and reducing excess nutrients and wetlands created to improve and/or provide bird habitat for species of conservation concern. My project aims to provide recommendations and information for land managers, wetland specialists and restorers, and organizations working towards fulfilling state and region-wide goals of reducing excess nutrients, improving water quality, and providing habitat for bird species of conservation concern. I am passionate about avian conservation and wetlands, and I am absolutely thrilled to conduct my research in such a critically important region of the United States!