Photograph of Douglas Stokke

Dr. Douglas D Stokke

  • Student Services Specialist


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138 Science II

Area of Expertise

  • Forestry


  • B.S., Forestry (Forest Products Option), Iowa State University, 1980
  • M.S., Forestry (Forest Products Option, Operations Research Minor), University of Minnesota, 1982
  • Ph.D., Forestry (Biology, Wood Science), Iowa State University, 1986


Academic Adviser for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Transfers in Forestry.  I love this job!

Faculty Adviser, Alpha Gamma Chapter of Xi Sigma Pi, the National Honor Society of Forestry


Assistant Professor, Michigan Technological University, 1986-1991

Forest Products Technologist, GM-1380-13 USDA Forest Service, North Central and Northeastern Forest Experiment Stations, 1992-1998

Associate Scientist/Adjunct Professor, Iowa State University Department of Forestry, August 1998-June 1999

Assistant Professor, Iowa State University Departments of Forestry and Natural Resource Ecology and Management, July 1999-May 2006

Panel Manager, USDA CSREES National Research Initiative, GS-0401-15, 2002-2004

Founder and Manager, DJM Enterprises, L.C., April 2004

Senior Lecturer, Iowa State University Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, August 2006-present


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